"Bridging the gap between the athlete you are and the athlete you can become"




Gabi Brummett
Working out with Clint at Edinger's Edge for the past 3 years has not only vastly improved my strength and fitness specific to my sport but, has also made the gym my second home. This has allowed me to play at the highest level in soccer and to not have to worry about falling behind in the physical side of the game. The atmosphere formed in the gym is something that I will always appreciate and remember along with the absolutely killer cardio at the end of a strength workout. I will be forever grateful to Clint for the specific and genuine care he puts into advancing the athletes he works with. I look forward to coming back to the edge when I come home!

2017 - Duke University Soccer




Jess Woodworth
Training at the Edge has been the best preparation for my collegiate career. I arrived at preseason ready to harness my skills rather than my fitness. I had personalized training that was creative and challenging. Training at the Edge gets you to push yourself to become stronger and faster which helps to elevate your skills and confidence. I am an Applied Exercise Science major and have learned the ins and outs of training; yet, for me, I find the Edge to be my place of motivation. I always get a better workout when I am at the Edge than when I train by myself. The Edge gave me the best tools for my collegiate seasons and beyond.

UNE Soccer-2012




Mike Spillane
Clint has the uncanny ability to target the individuals needs with his intense circuit regiment and focused work ethic. The resources Clint has in his gym always have me guessing what were going to be doing each day and each set. He pushed me through the hard reps to help separate me from other goalies and there is no staleness to the training which keeps me focused and excited to tackle each session. His agility work has increased my foot and hand speed and the focus on my leg and core strength has allowed my pushes to become second to none. Clint and the Edge have solely got me back to the top of my game after 2 hip surgeries and I am proud to be fully prepared to compete in the American Hockey League. I am thankful to be apart of such a great training program and atmosphere. Thank you Clint for everything you have done for me and my game.

Springfield Falcons AHL -2012




Jim Earley
Going from playing Division V football at Bishop Brady High School as a lineman to walking on to the University of New Hampshires Division 1aa program as a running back was not an easy task but I had a lot of help along the way. The Edge gave me the tools and guidance to reach my goals. Any athlete, who brings a strong work ethic, will find that they step closer to their potential after every day at Edingers Edge.

UNH football - 2014





Cody Gut
    Edingers Edge also known as "The Edge" is the greatest thing I have ever done for my hockey career. The "Edge" has put me in the best shape that I can be in, going into the season. It helped me to start the season with skating speed and strength which helped me land on the starting line with the Boston Junior Bulldogs, as well as playing first line power play, and penalty kill.
Edingers Edge has also helped me get in the best condition as possible with all the hard work at this workout facility. I have been rewarded by being selected to play for the Junior A Huskies in the EJHL next season." Hands down without the personal training of Clint Edinger I would not be where I am today."

08/09- Boston Bulldogs AJHL

09/10-New England Huskies EJHL

10/11-Hartford Wolfpack/Boston Bulldogs AJHL

11/12-Umass Dartmouth  



Matt Denning

    Edingers Edge is a fast pace skills clinic with a high level of competition rarely found in a camp. It consistently takes you out of your comfort zone and pushes you in new and creative ways. Edingers Edge helps you improve your skating, hands, and vision on the ice in ways you wont find anywhere else."

Matt Denning- Tyngsboro Huskies EJHL

08/09 Laconia Leafs AJHL

09-11 University of New England ECAC east


    Travis Banga

     Edingers Edge helps every player learn basic and high skills needed for an individual to become a dynamic player. The high tempo of the camp is what truly helps a hockey player develop. By spanning the twelve sessions throughout the summer months, the player is allowed to acquire, retain, and practice skills.  The marked progress players make from week 1 to week 12 distinguishes this camp from others, and I am proud to be part of the Edingers Edge staff."
Travis Banga - 04-07 Memphis River Kings CHL
                   - 07/08 Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees CHL

                   -08/09 Rio Grande Valley Killer bees CHL
                   -08/09 Texas Brahmas CHL

                            -09/10   Muskegon Lumberjacks/Bloomington Prairie thunder/Tulsa Oilers



Forest Ellis

    Edingers Edge is exactly what youth, high school, junior and college hockey player need to get to the next level. Edingers Edge made me work outside my comfort zone at a fast pace on many drills that myself and other players refuse to work on. Over the course of the camp I improved my stick handling skills, shot, speed and balance just about every aspect of the game was improved. We really focused on keeping our heads up which has helped me see the ice a lot better in game situations and has given me more of a hockey sense. After completing the camp I felt more confident with my skills and over all game performance, I have been able to turn the heads of many college scouts. With the work I put in over the summer with the help of Clint and his staff it has helped me become one of the top five goal scorers in the Eastern Junior Hockey League, and significantly improved my chances to getting into a top rated hockey school. Thanks Clint for all that you have done."

Forest Ellis- 06-07 season Seguin Bruins  Ontario Provincial Hockey league (OPJHL) Seguin playoff MVP
                 07-08 season Capital District Selects Eastern Junior Hockey League (EJHL)

                         07/08 CD selects EJHL
                 08-12 Wentworth Institute ECAC northeast




Scott Rolph

    Edingers Edge is a top of the line training facility and program that really helps athletes reach their true potential.  From training at 'The Edge' for the past two and a half years, I have seen major improvements in my strength, agility, conditioning, and overall athleticism. The exercises and workouts really pushed me to be a better hockey player and focus on the weaker areas of my game. They are so unique and really make me challenge myself to be the best I can be. Edingers Edge is hands down the best thing I have done for my body and athletic career"

Scott Rolph- 09-12 - Tilton prep School





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