"Bridging the gap between the athlete you are and the athlete you can become"

    Central New Hampshire's first large synthetic ice surface fully enclosed with real boards, glass etc.. and best of all you wear your skates !  Get the feel of Skating on ice, with the benefits of synthetic ice

    Synthetic Ice is such a close alternative to ice that training centers for both hockey and figure skating have and are currently being built, using the EZ Glide product exclusively, to enhance the skaters' performance and skills on refrigerated ice. There is no skill performed on ice that cannot be performed on EZ Glide.  The use of EZ Glide  results in more readily available "ice" time, and inexpensive operating costs. Many public skating facilities are using EZ Glide  because of the safety and security factor felt by young children, elderly and inexperienced skaters. A beginner is far less likely to have a serious fall on EZ Glide .

    Hockey drills, maneuvers, edging and stops are all performed with ease on EZ Glide . Pucks travel easily across the surface of EZ Glide  allowing for stickhandling, shooting, and passing drills to be performed and perfected. Any hockey maneuver or drill performed on ice can be performed and strengthened on EZ Glide .

    According to the large number of coaches, using EZ Glide  for training purposes, intensifies practice and results in a far stronger performance on refrigerated ice

    Rink  is Available for rentals,  birthday parties, private lessons in shooting, skating, checking, puck control, defensive play and more. 


Rental costs start @ $100.00/hour

Private Lessons start @ $75.00/hour