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Edingers Edge performance and Strength/Conditioning program is designed to enhance a team's athletic performance where all players train together, at the same time, at the same venue. Structured to accommodate a full team, our staff will develop a comprehensive training session designed to improve the team's cohesive chemistry while developing sport-specific athletic abilities. Incorporating a combination of training stations, each designed to isolate positional and sport-specific task strength, metabolic differences, and skills. Our coaches will maximize the productivity of the team's training session and the results you as a coach see in competition.

The structure and training focus of the conditioning sessions are negotiated in consultation with the coaching staff. Our coaches will design the training program and sessions to meet your player's physical needs.

Our Conditioning program is ideal for elite and traveling teams of all ages, at any point of their season; off-season, pre-season, mid-season, or before major competitions / tournaments. All team conditioning rates are dependent on the number of players, the length, and number of training sessions..







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