"Bridging the gap between the athlete you are and the athlete you can become"

*This will be our 22nd summer running this program*

(2008/2009, 2010/2011, & 2012/2014 Age Groups)
80 Minutes
90 Second Shifts
Play against similar age groups
Rink divided boards at center ice
League Schedule

PLAY FAST 2008-2011 Skills Camp
On-Ice Camp Schedule

PLAY FAST 2007-Older Elite Junior Camp
On-Ice Camp Schedule

Players must be approved. Limited Spots Available!

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On-Ice Camp Overview

With low student numbers per session, we offer more one-on-one attention to your specific needs. This will allow for more repetition, which is the vital key to success. With sessions spread over a 3 month time frame, you will be getting 9 (70 min) sessions of intense on-ice training from a knowledgeable and professional staff.


Performance Shooting

Stations, tools and game situations designed to build a quicker release, more power and accurate shot. Proper technique, body mechanics and awareness stressed to help increase your overall scoring ability.


Performance Skating

Skills and drills designed to enhance your forward/backward foot speed, agility, mobility, power, balance and strength in skating with and without the puck. Techniques used to help increase your acceleration, stop/start speed, explosiveness, edgework and leg stride.


Performance Stick Handling

Tools, courses and obstacles used to build confidence with the puck, giving you the ability to create time and space to make plays happen. Learning fakes, dekes and puck possession sure to leave the opposition behind.

We will be stressing the importance of peripheral vision, hand-eye coordination, puck protection and hand-stick positioning.


Small Games

Games designed to help you become more creative and confident. You will be learning importance of quick puck movement, quicker shooting, communication, puck control and more while playing in a confined area.


In Closing

Finally, a camp that lasts longer than one week and focuses on you getting better. You cannot expect to be better overnight. It takes the "right practice", dedication, hard work, patience and of course repetition after repetition to be at the top.


Please email for more information.  cedinger10@hotmail.com